VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! On the Difference Between "Hispanic," "Latino," and "Chicano"!

The greatest sticker since Calvin pissing on "La Migra"...
The greatest sticker since Calvin pissing on "La Migra"...
Courtesy Broken Sword Publications

After a summer spent getting married, going on vacation, preparing an epic Best Of and readying some bombs of stories, my ¡Ask a Mexican! video series is BACK. This week, I tackle the eternal question of what the hell to call us invaders--Hispanic? Latino? Chicano? The ever-mysterious Xicano? Or, as the late, evil Barbara Coe would say, illegal alien savages?

Answer? All of the above!

Here's my commentary, filmed at the sanctuary that is my booze-filled office. Do watch the commercial, (as that's how your faithful Mexican earns his pesos), enjoy, and debate!

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