VidCon 2012 Rolls in Anaheim

VidCon 2012, a third annual gathering at the Anaheim Convention Center of the stars, fans and companies of video media on the Interwebs, kicked off with an industry-only party Thursday night, but today and tomorrow are the main events anyone who pays or has an invite can attend.

Spotted on the floor today were Wil Wheaton playing a board game and a giant yellow bunny giving out hugs.

Speaking of stoner heaven, a fellow named Greg Benson led an upstairs panel your intrepid reporter mistakenly crashed because he thought he'd be meeting his hero, comedian Doug Benson. Shoulda known better as the deal didn't begin at 4:20.

So, no, I didn't get the Leonard Maltin game, but I did learn it costs $800 to hire Ron Jeremy for your video shoot. (Much more if you want him to whip it out.) Greg Benson also shared a story about baby grape that he'd apparently kill me over if I shared it here.

Also promised this weekend are Smosh, iJustine, Meekakitty, Wheezy Waiter, Mystery Guitar Man, Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Dave Days, DeStorm, Hank and John Green, Michael Buckley, Mitchell and Kyle, Phil DeFranco, Rhett and Link and Shane Dawson.

YouTube, Revision 3, Maker, and are among the sponsors.

VidCon Brings Online Video Stars to Anaheim

About 6,000 people are expected over the three days.


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