Victor George Gillespie, Third Striker by Age 21, Gets 25 Years for Fondling Sleeping Woman

Twenty-one-year-old third striker Victor George Gillespie of Irvine was sentenced today to 25 years to life in state prison for climbing on top of a sleeping woman he did not know, putting his hands down her pants and touching her vaginal area as she screamed and tried to break free. Judge Steven Bromberg denied the defense's request that he ignore Gillespie's previous two strikes, which he got at 17 for robberies.

Rather, Bromberg said, Gillespie's history of sex crimes dating back to when he was age 12 show that he deserves the heavy sentence.

The night of March 23, 2010, Gillespie broke into the Irvine home of the 24-year-old woman through an unlocked sliding glass back door. He walked into a bedroom where the woman was lying down, climbed on top of her and put his hands down her pants, touching her vaginal area as she screamed and struggled to get away. He then fled.

Irvine Police officers zeroed in on Gillespie a short distance away. He ignored cops' instructions after they identified themselves, continuing to run away from them. After a short chase, he was captured.

A jury in August convicted Gillespie of felony sexual battery by restraint and burglary and misdemeanor resisting arrest, but Bromberg set the misdemeanor count aside.


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