Vanity Fair Calls Baby Hewie "Two-Time Loser"

*Updated, with new info on the bottom...

We haven't posted on Orange County's own conservative talk-show windbag Hugh Hewitt in a long time, mostly because I got tired of listening both to his program and reading his blog. But a faithful reader clued us in to the latest Vanity Fair, a magazine I usually don't because I really don't find it that big of a deal (I'm more of a Harper's type of guy, anyway). In a 2008 retrospective by writer James Wolcott, he labels Baby Hewie (whom he describes as a "Promethean twit possessed of an infallible gift for getting it pompously, egregiously wrong") a two-time loser for laughably predicting the victories of both Mitt Romney, and then John McCain. Wolcott forgot Baby Hewie's hilarious book unpublished proposal, How Sarah Palin Won the Election ... and Saved America.  but that's okay: a man can suffer so many ignominies in one year. To a better 2009, Hugh, and by better, we mean you keep great ratings and influence no one!

UPDATED: If you want some great comedy to start off your morning, read Baby Hewie's desperate defense of the Bush years for the usually-sane


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