[UPDATED with Return to Other OC Ordered:] Casey Anthony Trades One Orange County (FL) For Another (CA)?

UPDATE, AUG. 1, 9:13 A.M.: What will me miss most about having had Casey Anthony in our own Orange County (or, more likely, OC-adjacent)?

Would it be her whisking away from John Wayne Airport by hired handlers? The wonder-inducing glimpses of someone who looked like her checking the calorie count on flax-seed chips at Whole Foods? The opportunity to see more (or so much more) of the real C.A., courtesy of Larry Flynt?

Much to ponder before she's gone, baby, gone, for OC, Florida.

MyFoxOrlando.com reports that Judge Stan Strickland today ordered Anthony to return to that Orange County to serve out her probation after pleading guilty to check fraud charges in 2010. Seems America's most hated mom stole checks and passed them off as her own.

She may have to return as soon as this week, the news site reports.

UPDATE, JULY 29, 10:27 A.M.: When Casey Anthony was arrested for her daughter's murder, it's possible an officer in Orange County, Florida, told her to "Spread 'em."

Anthony just got a request to do the same, only she'll get $500,000 out of it if she complies this time.

King of the Hustler empire Larry Flynt reportedly offered her that amount to pose nude in his magazine.

Flynt revealed the offer on HLN's Nancy Grace Thursday night, although Anthony's camp quickly dismissed it as "nonsense," CNN reports.

The head Hustler honcho, who noted the offer includes 10 percent of profits on top of the half mil, said he initially did not consider Anthony as a model after a jury found her not guilty of killing little Caylee but changed his mind after being approached on a book tour by scores of horny men demanding he make America's most hated mom an offer.

"You've got men who say hey, I want to see her in her birthday suit," Flynt reportedly said. "There may be some sick individuals . . . but that's what life is all about."

Hugh Hefner recently told CNN's Piers Morgan that he, too, has heard from several men who want to see Anthony nude in Playboy. Some guys really do have a type. And by "guys" I mean "sick bastards."

UPDATE, JULY 19, 3:14 P.M.: Flight records indicate the private jet that whisked Casey Anthony away after she left Orange County, Fla., made stops in Panama City, Fla., Prescott, Ariz., and Northern California before eventually landing at John Wayne Airport, NBC's Today reports.

The hops were intended to throw off any media or harm-doers who may have been following the marked woman. The jet is reportedly owned by Todd Macaluso, one of Anthony's former attorneys, and kept in a hangar at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. Macaluso's firm also has an office there.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 19, 10 A.M.: It's been a chore the past several months weeding out the endless Casey Anthony links from my daily "Orange County" Google alerts, a phenomenon created by the existences of counties L'Orange in Florida and California (among other states).

But the link I stumbled upon this morning placed the World's Most Despised Mother (knock on wood, Octomom!) in this here county up in here: Orange County, CA.

According to reports, Anthony is avoiding the lynch mobs by having flown via private jet not for a new life in Ohio, as originally believed, but in Southern California.

Some chasers claim the jet, which may or may not have touched down in Columbus for a spell, ultimately landed at John Wayne Airport. Others say, no, that was misinformation put out by sources close to the late Caylee's mom to throw everyone off and protect her hide.

What does seem to be nailed down (in Jell-O, anyway) is that Ms. Anthony is bopping between multiple homes, particularly in Palm Springs and Carlsbad, something in this economy only successful gay couples can afford.

But here's the kicker: the former jailbird is apparently spending much time reconnecting with the outside in Orange and Los Angeles counties. So give that slim backside facing your recliner at Starbucks right now a double-take. It may belong to you-know-who.

Bonus points for "accidentally" spilling your latte over her head.


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