[UPDATED with Possible Drone:] What's Red, Round and Glowing? UFO in Night Skies Over Huntington Beach and New Mexico

See end of post for update on drone possibility.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 11, 2:45 P.M.: A reported sighting of a UFO over Huntington Beach has been affirmed . . . in New Mexico.

Four unidentified Surf Citizens were looking at random things in the sky through a backyard telescope just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday when, through naked eyes, a red object was observed hanging just above the horizon.

"It was a bright red dot looking thing, and it just stood there at 35 degrees from the horizon on the north side for about 20 seconds and then moved slowly to the left (west) and suddenly changed direction to go up as in altitude and then vanished into thin air," reads a report collected by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and posted on UFOstalker.com.

"All four of us saw the whole thing," the reporter continued. "What made us notice it was that it was as bright as an airplane light but a deep red color at where no airplane was seen or heard, and I looked at my iPad after it vanished at an astronomy app at the recorded time and no satellite crossed its path, no airplane, meteor/meteor shower, or planet/star/comet."

It was estimated to be more than a mile from the observer's backyard, but a man identifying himself as Jeffrey Dillon comments on UFO Stalker he saw the same red orb on the same night in New Mexico.

"I live 70 miles north of Santa Fe," Dillon writes. "I am looking out beyond the horizon, into the sky, and I see this red star, but is it a plane? No. It does not seem to move. I see a plane to the right flying far above it to the left. I have no reason for fright, but I feel a chill. It's real!

"What is it? It remains still. It is an intense red object, smaller by far than our moon, but about the size you would expect from a planet. This is, to me, half the size of a dime, in the sky. It is round, glowing and stands out clearly."

Just like Snooki!

Dillon, who discloses he graduated from Huntington Beach High School in 1977, shares much more of his feelings about the object before wandering into Mayan Calendar territory.

"Could this be Nebiru? It is mentioned by the Mayans and is expected, and its return is marked by a 243-year event, known as the Venus transit across the sun, and connected to the last annular eclipse. The Venus transit was June 5th. I now feel this may not have been a UFO, but a planet, if that is possible."

Calling himself "a reliable witness," Dillon concludes, "The chill I felt reassured me that this was a very significant event."

Neither Dillon nor the Surf City foursome mentioned alcohol consumption being a warm-up to their respective stargazing. UFO Stalker says it's tracked 26 sightings in Huntington Beach.

UPDATE, JUNE 13, 2:41 P.M.: Perhaps the glowing red orb seen in the skies over Huntington Beach (and New Mexico) Saturday night was not an alien spaceship but a secret drone.

So surmises the Modern Survival Blog, which with a name like that must be trusted.

"Knowing the drones that the government lets us 'see,' imagine what drones they have that are top secret-those that we don't know about," writes blogger Ken. "I wouldn't be surprised at all if these objects are misconstrued as UFO's. I suppose they are unidentified flying objects by definition, except they may not be from another world."

More To Serve Man food for thought: On June 4, a massive experimental drone took flight at Edwards Air Force Base. It was built at Boeing's Phantom Works facility in St. Louis, with engineering support from the aerospace giant's facility in--you guessed it--Huntington Beach.

Perhaps, just perhaps, they keep a backup drone in Surf City. It could have taken it out (and up) to refine something that was observed at the Edwards test flight. Or, the boys might've been goofing off after work and too many brewskis. Or maybe a desperate engineer was using the drone to spy on his cheating wife.

As well as his girlfriend in New Mexico.  

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