[UPDATED with POLICE REMARK:] Was a Teenage Girl Raped in Fullerton Last Night?

UPDATE, Feb. 21, 2012, 12:30P.M.: According to Fullerton Police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich, police have no reports of a rape occurring in the Hillcrest Park area on Friday night. The spokesman said the department took a report of a possible sexual assault, which occurred Friday afternoon near Buena Park high school and involved a minor. That investigation is being handled by Buena Park Police. 

ORIGINAL POST, Feb. 18, 2012 3:58 P.M.: According to an anonymous source, a 16-year-old girl may have been raped at Fullerton's Hillcrest Park late last night. Paramedics reportedly treated the girl, who was found without pants or underwear, in an area overlooking Lions Field. She may have been heavily intoxicated. The source also reported that two of the girl's fingernails were broken.

The Weekly contacted the Fullerton police this afternoon; they declined to comment, but confirmed an incident occurred in the area last night. The press log, viewable by the public, shows officers responded to reports of a girl screaming in the upper levels of the park sometime after 8 p.m. At midnight, an officer was posted at the northeast entrance to the park and flashbulbs could be seen firing in the heavily wooded area as investigators collected evidence.

An Area Overlooking Lion's Field
An Area Overlooking Lion's Field
Brandon Ferguson

Lions Field, which is located at the intersection of

Harbor and Brea boulevards

is where members of the

Occupy Orange County

movement have been camping since late January. Occupants contacted this morning hadn't heard any information regarding the incident, but several said they noticed police activity in the park late last night.

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