[UPDATED with Peeper's I.D. Said Known:] Louis C.K. Stars as Unlucky Louie on Park Flier Warning of a Huntington Beach Peeping Tom

See the update on page 2 where a source claims to know the peeping tom (and it's not the star of Louie).

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 21, 11:42 A.M.: Louis C.K., who has experienced a career renaissance with his excellent FX comedy series, live performance DVDs and assorted online videos, really looks the part for his latest "gig."

Sadly for him, it involves appearing on a flier that warns of a neighborhood peeping tom and is affixed to a pole in a Huntington Beach park.

leans toward the display being a #hoax on Twitter. Go to her Lockerz page for more photos like this one:

The Louis C.K. mugshots appear on the other side of the pole.
The Louis C.K. mugshots appear on the other side of the pole.

If this is not the most specifically targeted, [park] grass-roots marketing campaign ever, someone has to explain what Unlucky Louie ever did to Surf City to deserve this.

Had they been mugshots of Jim Norton, no one would be surprised.

UPDATE, JAN. 23, 4:03 P.M.: A source claims to know the identity of Huntington Beach's peeping tom--and it's not a widely beloved New York comic and filmmaker.

The man is, instead, a resident of a Surf City mobile home park that the Weekly will not identify until the claim can be verified so as not to alarm park residents unnecessarily. For now, Huntington Beach Police officials say they know nothing about the flier below with two photos that are clearly of Louis C.K. or the crimes alleged to be happening in Surf City:

NOT wanted.
NOT wanted.
Photo by Jacqueline Riva

So at this time, there is NO invitation to a police lineup going out to the Louie star and creator. Indeed, the worst fact to come out of the coverage of this sordid mess or hoax of whatever the hell it is was came in a report by the Huffington Post: C.K.'s FX show is on hiatus until 2014. Talk about a crime!

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