[UPDATED with Orly Crying "Fraud":] Taitz Collects 113,563 Votes from Tinfoil Hat Wearers But Not Enough to Win Senate Bid

UPDATE, JUNE 6, 3:12 P.M.: "[T]he numbers are suspiciously off all 4 polls taken from March 7 until June 3rd." Yup, that's Orly Taitz, in an update to her earlier OrlyTaitzEsq post titled "What Did We Learn From Observing Corrupt Party Bosses, Rigged Elections and Members of the Lap Dog Media?," winding up to suggest voter fraud prevented her from becoming a finalist for U.S. Senate in the fall.

Who didn't see that coming?

Gluttons for punishment will want to click on the link on the opener page and read the whole bloody thing. For those who'd prefer their head not hurt afterward, or at least not as much, here are some key points:

"This is the reason why first and foremost we need transparency in the voting machines. At the moment nobody has a clue how these machines are programmed. There is a high probability that different values were given to votes cast for different candidates. In Germany all electronic voting machines and electronic ballot counting machines were banned because those are so easily rigged." (Writer's note--Actually, this is the most sane thing she writes.)

"If you are members of the CA GOP, please, work with me to make a difference, remove from office all 24 corrupt board members who made a backroom deal on the very first day of the campaign and sold the party endorsement to an insider and a Washington lobbyist [Elizabeth] Emken. Make sure that GOP distances itself from corrupt and dishonest operatives like John Fleishman, Mike Standrift, Alan Hoffenblum, Mike Spence, Steve Frank." [Writer's note--Actually, it's Jon Fleischman, Mark Standriff and Allan Hoffenblum, but she got Spence and Frank right so give her a break, fer chrissakes.]

"I need your help in preparing a legal action against all of the corrupt operatives of the GOP and all of the lying members of the media, who defamed me." [Writer's note--Those media members are previously identified (with spelling corrected) as the Daily Beast's John Avlon, the Washington Times' Valerie Richardson, Forbes' Kevin Underhill, MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow and KFI's John & Ken Show co-host John Kobylt.]

"I believe it is time to hold party officials and members of the media financially accountable for fraud, slander and defamation of my character. This might be the ultimate way to expose eligibility and ObamaForgeryGate, as corrupt GOP operatives and corrupt and dishonest members of the media knew all the facts of Obama not having a valid birth certificate, not having a valid Social Security number, yet they viciously attacked me, called me names, did not give me an opportunity to respond. This affected my reputation, elections, my health and future ability to work."

Yay, it worked! . . . ahem . . . I mean, Taitz's rant ends evangelically, by which I mean she asks for more money. Pastor Orly cites mounting costs for research, advertising and legal fees, although she doesn't make a distinction between her campaign for office and her campaign to remove a black "usurper" from a White House.

"I borrowed most of the money from my retirement fund, and I need to return it to the retirement fund," Taitz whines. "Fighting for liberty is not cheap. It takes thousands of hours of my time, many sleepless nights and thousands of dollars."

Let's all chip in to help Orly retire. Send early, send often, knowing that her "retirement" begins with a June 12 trip to Indianapolis aimed at removing Obama from the Indiana ballot.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 6, 10:49 A.M.: It's refreshing to see the delusions of "Queen of the Birfers" Orly Taitz extend beyond her crackers quest to prove Barack Obama was born in Africa. The South County dentist/lawyer/real-estate saleslady's OrlyTaitzEsq site this morning boasts that Tuesday night's election results show she is "currently" the fourth runner-up to incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and that "ballots will continue to be counted through July 13."

Oh, Orly . . .

Autism activist Elizabeth Emken, the choice of the California Republican Party brass, received 12.5 percent of a very low-turnout vote to face Feinstein in November. Mail-in and provisional ballots that trickle in can be counted until the jerseys come home, and Taitz will not receive enough votes to change that.

Taitz finished with 3.1 percent of the statewide vote. That's less than double the votes collected by teabagger Dan Hughes, the next challenger behind Emken at 6.7 percent. Rick Williams, another Republican, was just ahead of Taitz at 3.3 percent.

Still, Taitz can take comfort in the fact that she finished ahead of 19 other candidates, and that at least 113,563 Californians share her crazy, including 17,549 in Orange County, where she was the choice of 6.1 percent of the voters.

Meanwhile, sane Californians should be concerned that Taitz finished ahead of 19 other candidates, and that at least 113,563 of our friends and neighbors share her crazy, including 17,549 in OC.

At least their tinfoil hats make them easy to spot.

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