[UPDATED with Orange Ordinance Set To Pass] Orange, Westminster Consider Ban on Red Light Cameras

UPDATED, JULY 27, 11:59 A.M.: The ordinance that would ban red-light cameras in Orange passed yesterday with a preliminary 5-0 vote. A second reading will take place at the Aug. 9 City Council meeting.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 26, 8:00 A.M.: Those paranoia-inducing red light cameras may be shut out from Orange and Westminster, as some officials believe the devices are a mere money-generating tool and do little to increase traffic safety.

Tonight, the Orange City Council will consider a law that would prohibit the installation and use of red-light cameras. Councilman Denis Bilodeau brought forward the idea of an ordinance last year, and worked with the City Attorney's Office to draft it.

"We don't want private law enforcement to be in here, especially to make money," says Orange Mayor Carolyn Cavecche.   

Red light cameras have been the subject of debate throughout the county in recent years. Some city officials believe they are an effective traffic-enforcement tool since officers cannot monitor all areas. Though some data shows that red-light cameras actually increase the number of rear-end accidents because drivers slam on the brakes when they notice them. 

This month, the Westminster City Council put a measure on the November 2012 ballot, allowing voters to decide whether they want red light cameras installed at city intersections. Cities that have already rejected the cameras include Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.


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