[UPDATED with new location] Ron Paul to Speak at Cal State Fullerton (Hecklers Not Yet Confirmed)

UPDATE, 2:56 P.M., May 1, 2012: Cal State Fullerton just confirmed that the rally will take place at Titan Stadium.

Ron Paul, friend of tokers, foe of pro-choicers and the bane of every neocon's existence, is scheduled to speak Wednesday at Cal State Fullerton

We'll be there to watch the hilarity.

With the Republicans-in-name-only having pissed on their conservative "principles" by  holding their noses (again) and handing their party's nomination to flip-flopping Mitt Romney, it will be interesting to see what kind of GOP primary candidate (yes, he's still in the race) we get on Wednesday -- cranky Grampa Ron, or Prophet Paul, rejected of men, but rallying the remnant.

The free event is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Cal State Fullerton's Engineering and Computer Science Lawn.

A free voucher lets folks in 6 p.m.

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