[UPDATED with God's Motive:] 3.9 Earthquake Shakes OC

UPDATE, APRIL 20, 11:20 A.M.: In addition to shaky stories, we should share with one another the reason God punished us with this earthquake--because as Pat Robertson will tell you, there can be no other reason for seismic activity than a vengeful deity. Gay marriage? The ACLU caravan coming to Santa Ana? "mississaugamovers" fucking with my comments? Let's open the floor to your ideas . . .

UPDATE, APRIL 23, 11:08 A.M.: The earthquake that shook Orange County--including my precious office--this morning registered 3.9 on the Richter Scale, the U.S. Geological Service reports.

It was centered 1 mile west of San Juan Capistrano, 3 miles southeast of Laguna Niguel and 14 miles southeast of Irvine, according to the agency, which adds it struck at 10:37 a.m. (See the time of my original post below).

Any of ya'll in South County got at shaky stories to tell? Leave 'em in our comments.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 23, 10:37:55 A.M.: The ground under my checkered Vans just rumbled and the light over my head shook, which means we just experienced an earthquake that was felt near John Wayne Airport, or I gotta lay off the Scotch and Red Bull for breakfast.

You will be filled in on the deets when they arrive.

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