[UPDATED with CEO Defends Octo-Auction:] Nadya Suleman Will Date You ... for a Price

See the update at the end of this post on WhatsYourPrice.com's CEO defending the auction of a date with Octomom.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 6, 12:30 P.M.: Octomom Nadya Suleman of La Habra has continued her trolling of the Interwebs for money from saps, parlaying her recent GoFundMe.com plea for $150,000 so she can buy a new home into a WhatsYourPrice.com auction to date her for cash.

Opening bid: $500.

And somewhere in heaven, an escort advertiser weeps.

BTW, paging Josh Dulaney!

A $100 Chat With Octomom Nadya Suleman: She Doesn't Do 'Reverse Cowgirl'; Supports Obama; Loves Taco Bell

Actually, Josh would take a pass as sex does not come with the date, according to the specs. Natalie does find the idea of non-in-vitro fertilization "icky," after all.

The unemployed single mother of 14 has not yet reached the $3,000 mark in her quest for $150,000 for a new home to replace her foreclosed La Habra abode.

Octomom Nadya Suleman Not Only Wants You to Buy Her a House But Furnish It, Too!

Other recent money-making (or -faking) enterprises have included acting, boxing, stripping, offering advice for a price, self loving on camera and, uh, singing.

Octomom Set to Release Awful Single

Note Octo's apparently unintended parody of Madonna's Like a Virgin record cover for her soon-to-be-smash single, "Sexy Party." She's crossing so many boundaries, she's now crossing OC Weekly beats, as music editor Nate Jackson shows here:

Octomom Releases New Topless Album Cover for 'Sexy Party'

Come back after checking out Nate's post out as there's more Octomerde . . .

She could enjoy another not-actually-employed payday thanks to a TV judge. Miami cop-turned-hizzoner Alex Ferrer wants Suleman to resolve her legal spat with a West Palm Beach strip club on his nationally syndicated television show Judge Alex. The nudie bar accuses Nads of reneging on a deal and taking it off instead at a rival joint.

Paying to date her? Fighting over seeing her nude? Downloading her masturbation video? Just proves everyone has a type, batshit crazy being but one.

UPDATE, AUG. 16, 8:56 A.M.: WhatsYourPrice.com Founder and CEO Brandon Wade reportedly says Suleman has received "unfair criticism" for her date-the-highest-bidder scheme.

"We are helping Nadya make a responsible decision that positively affects her children's well-being," Wade tells Shalom Life (!?) of the La Habra brood lorded over by the single and unemployed mother of 14. "Why scrutinize someone for trying to support her children and potentially fall in love?"

Wade is equally defensive about WhatsYourPrice.com's role in the scam opportunity, claiming Suleman gets to pick a charity of her choice to get a portion of funds raised by the company that also founded SeekingArrangement.com, MissTravel.com and SeekingMillionaire.com.

If only a media-shy millionaire out there would snatch up Suleman and her kids and give them a lifetime charity in exchange for future anonymity. A boy can dream, can't he?

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