[UPDATED with Casey Whipping Octomom:] Casey Anthony vs. Nadya Suleman

UPDATE, AUG. 12, 11:13 A.M.: Our last visit to Nadya Suleman vs. Casey Anthony Nutbar Land included a line pontificating that the latter is the most hated mother in America and that Octomom had dropped to No. 2.

A national poll now backs up that bold proclamation.

Pratt and his blowup doll at the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival opening night.
Pratt and his blowup doll at the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival opening night.

Rating the most despised people in the land, Encino-based E-poll found Anthony at the top, Spencer Pratt second and La Habra's unemployed single mother of 14 at No. 3.

Since Pratt is not a mother (unless "fucker" is tagged to the end of the word), then that makes Florida's believed-to-be baby killer and California's confirmed baby manufacturing plant hated moms uno and dos respectively.

Suleman had previously been the most-hated person, so perhaps her recent campaign to rid herself of the Octomom baggage is working. Or maybe it takes a reputed life-extinguishing party girl taking over the tabloids to knock Nads down two pegs.

Speaking of Qwazy Casey, 53 percent of poll respondents were aware of her and 94 percent of them disliked her. She was considered "cold" by 60 percent and "creepy" by 57 percent.

Coming in fourth in the poll was O.J. Simpson, proving there's no beating the classics.

The poll was conducted the first week of this month. E-Poll every week conducts the "E-Score Celebrity Poll" that ranks more than 6,000 celebrities in terms of public awareness, appeal and 46 other attributes based on the responses of 1,100 Americans ages 13 and over.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 5, 9:12 A.M.: I believe we've found an opponent for Octomom's Aug. 27 Celebrity Boxing bout in Massachusetts.

Deep in the bowels of one of those patented interviews Octomom Nadya Suleman of La Habra likes to give--you know, where she appears in a skimpy bikini on the cover and then proclaims she hates sex in the article--America's second-most-hated mom employs her valedictory psychiatric-technician knowledge to diagnose America's most-hated mom as a nutbar.

Nads vs. Casey Anthony in the ring, anyone?

Following the evolutionary ladder down farther from her last media pit stop--Dr. Drew on HLN--the single mother of 14 tells frequent Howard Stern Show punching bag Chaunce Hayden, in a story that will accompany the upcoming cover photo of Suleman in a bikini for Steppin' Out Magazine ("Voted the Best Nightlife Magazine in New Jersey!"), that Anthony's case makes her vomit.

By the way, we do not know this from Steppin' Out but London's Daily Mail, which published excerpts of Hayden's interview with Octomom before his New York-New Jersey publication has. The piece is mostly about how Suleman perceives sex like a fifth-grader does cooties. The Daily Mail piece ends with this:

There is one subject that Suleman is effusive about, however.

Excited that someone has replaced her as the worst mother in America so she has finally weighed in on the Casey Anthony saga with crushing predictability.

"I would die for my children," she said.

"The whole [Casey Anthony] case makes me nauseous. It makes me sick."

Casey, of course, was controversially acquitted last month of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie.

"The thought that Casey Anthony would even entertain the idea of harming her child makes me sick," Suleman said.

"I don't have all the facts, but I've worked with the mentally disabled for many years before having kids. I worked with sociopaths and psychopaths in a mental hospital and in my opinion Casey Anthony is not emotionally stable."

"If something happened and she really did do something to her child I believe it would be related to her mental illness."

Anthony, who was recently spotted in Ohio while her lawyers fight to keep her from returning to Florida to serve out her probation, is headed for treatment to deal with the trauma of her child dying and spending three years in jail in solitary confinement, according to those same attorneys.

Just hold off entering a facility until after Aug. 27, babe.


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