[UPDATED with AVN Dissing "Asinine" Breitbart Coverage:] Jenna Jameson Drives Stolen Maserati: Suit

See update at the end of this post about Adult Video News (AVN) story, "Breitbart's Asinine Jenna Jameson Jab."

Also, the name of a car dealership in the original post has been corrected.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 2, 12:45 P.M.: Until a couple weeks ago, a Lamborghini Ferrari and Maserati dealership was within crawling distance of my home. Over the years, high-end cars would fill the lot or only be in the showroom or, mostly, not within the street view. Walking home from the neighborhood bank one day, I checked the sticker showing $141,000 for a new Maserati sedan. "Damn," I thought to myself, "if they cut the price $100k, it'd still be out of my league."  The full tab was apparently in the league of porn star-turned-Huntington Harbour mom Jenna Jameson. . . . Uh, check that . . .
Maserati Quattroporte S (but not Jenna Jameson's).
Maserati Quattroporte S (but not Jenna Jameson's).

Maserati Financial Services has filed a $107,000 lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court against Jameson, who began leasing a Maserati Quattroporte S in 2010 but allegedly stopped making her monthly $2,299 payments in January and refuses to return the car.

Repossession attempts have also failed, but don't blame the poor repo man. Would you go try to break into an automobile being guarded over by Tito Ortiz for 11 bucks an hour?

The Bad of Huntington Beach's main squeeze has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, having a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher and driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license for slamming her ride into a pole (oofa!) in the early morning hours of May 25 in Westminster.

Jenna Jameson Formally Charged with DUI

Fortunately, she only did significant damage to a $50,000 custom Range Rover. And the utility pole (oofa!).

Jenna Jameson Arrested for DUI Crash as Patrols Heightened for Boozy Ex-Porn Stars

Jenna Jameson Takes to Social Networks to Apologize for DUI

To finish my Maserati story, a sign at the old lot in my 'hood informs Lamborghini Ferrari & Maserati of Newport Beach Orange County has moved to a new address--which is across the street from OC Weekly world headquarters. Because those high-pressure GranTurismo Sport Convertible salesmen refuse to leave me alone. Maybe if I show them my double-penetration video . . .

CLARIFICATION: A new sign up at the old lot in my 'hood informs Lamborghini Newport Beach is moving in. 

UPDATE, JULY 3, 2:59 P.M.: AVN reporter Ann Oui (ha!) has a problem with the take on the Jenna Jameson-Maserati story by Breitbart.com's Bill Bigelow, who used the retired porn star being sued for missing Maserati lease payments to seize on her hope expressed in 2007 that a Democrat like Bill Clinton would be elected president.

"When Republicans are in office, the problem is, a lot of times they try to put their cross-hairs on the adult industry, to make a point," Jameson reportedly said to an interviewer shortly before leaving porn. "It's sad, when there are so many different things that are going on in the world: war, and people are dying of genocide. It's sad that they feel that they have to target the sex industry, and not target the problems with insurance and the homeless and the AIDS epidemic."

In new light of this remark, Bigelow banged out: "Jameson may very well be suffering from the ravages of the Obama economy"; "[I]t's likely that she misses her earlier halcyon days under a different administration"; and, "Now that she's got her wish [to have a Democrat in the Oval Office], she doesn't have the money to pay her bills. When the most successful star of the world's oldest profession can't pay her bills, you know the economy's in trouble."

"Using the unexplained inability (or unwillingness!) of an adult performer who's been retired for five years to pay a monthly bill for a Maserati as the basis for a vague condemnation of the Obama economy is worse than silly; it's a rhetorical felony," Oui fires back.

Then comes her virtual money shot:

"Combining it with grade school-level snark accusing her of being a prostitute is just needlessly ugly, even if it does get the intended appreciative guffaws from Breitbart fans, the vast majority of whom have certainly jerked off to Jenna Jameson in silent Republican shame at one point or another."

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