UPDATED WITH ARREST: Just Another Orange County Murder: Tayroh DeShawn Stinson

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UPDATE JUST IN FROM GARDEN GROVE POLICE DEPARTMENT: "On Sept. 29, Johnathan Allen Kincaid, 20, of Anaheim, was arrested for the murder of Tayroh Stinson.  Kincaid was already in custody after he was arrested on Sept. 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada, by the U.S. Marshal's Office for an outstanding warrant. Kincaid was extradited back to Orange County where Garden Grove Police detectives were waiting to make the arrest for murder. The investigation remains ongoing and no details of the crime will be released at this time."

Stinson, 31, was stabbed to death after a fist fight in the middle of the afternoon July 29 near a commercial and high-density residential location he had gone to to sell marijuana. He died at a local hospital hours after being transported from the sidewalk he'd collapsed on some time after 2 p.m. in the 9000 block of Trask Avenue east of Magnolia Street.

Witnesses told police that Stinson's attacker ran north into the residential area around Magnolia and Mays Avenue. An intense police search failed to turn up a suspect at that time.

Here is the police account of the crime based on what Stinson's friend, J. Bradley, told police:

Stinson asked Bradley to come with him in his car to meet a cannabis customer. They drove to a restaurant parking lot at Magnolia and Trask. A few minutes later, a man emerged from a nearby apartment complex, crossed the street, got into Stinson's car and told him to park over at the apartments.

At the complex, the customer told Stinson a friend waiting in a nearby garage actually wanted to buy the marijuana. Stinson and the customer left the car to meet the other man while Bradley stayed behind. After a few minutes of waiting in the car, Bradley got suspicious and went to see what had happened and discovered Stinson was being treated by paramedics.

Police said they later found about 2 1/2 ounces of pot in Stinson's white 2008 Dodge Charger.


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