[UPDATED with Already Out of Jail:] Jeffrey Hubbard, Ex-Newport-Mesa Schools Chief, Gets 60 Days, Probation, Restitution

UPDATE, FEB. 27, 1:58 P.M.: After serving four days of his 60-day sentence, former Newport-Mesa Unified School District superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard was reportedly released from jail early this morning. The judge had previously indicated Hubbard would be freed by mid-March due to overcrowding. That must be some seriously fucked-up overcrowding.

Actually, its a seriously fucked-up legal system, according to the prosecutor who put Hubbard in jail for public corruption committed while the veteran educator led Beverly Hills schools.

"Our entire criminal justice system is in meltdown," Max Huntsman of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office reportedly told the Orange County Register's Tony Saavedra. "It's exactly what the judge expected, that's the system we live in, unfortunately."

UPDATE, FEB. 24, 2:23 P.M.: For those who wrote in condemning the leniency of former Newport-Mesa Unified School District superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard's 60-day jail sentence, get ready for your heads to explode. Besides getting a day off for time served after being booked, it is likely the educator will be kicked loose by mid-March due to jail overcrowding.

Severe overcrowding in Los Angeles jails is being blamed for the early release, as Hubbard is considered a nonviolent offender for misappropriating $20,000 while chief of Beverly Hills schools.

Meanwhile, the school official who received that unauthorized secret stash, a car allowance and sexting messages from The Hubb may get a break on her restitution. The LA district attorney sought $3.5 million from Karen Ann Christiansen, Beverly Hills Unified's former planning and facilities director . . . ahem . . . under Hubbard. The amount would cover restitution, attorney fees and court costs, the DA contends, but Judge Stephen A. Marcus has indicated he'll likely cap the penalty at $2 million.

Indeed, Judge Marcus was expected to do so at a restitution hearing today, but the matter was continued to April 6, when he is expected to deliver a written ruling.

Christiansen, who famously emailed racy photos of herself to a school-district attorney, was sentenced on Jan. 5 to four years and four months behind bars, but she has been allowed to remain free on $400,000 bail while she appeals the guilty verdict.

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 23, 10:24 A.M.: Former Newport-Mesa Unified School District superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, placed on probation and ordered to pay restitution for misappropriating $20,000 while chief of Beverly Hills schools.

Despite the relatively light sentence Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen A. Marcus handed down this morning--Hubbard faced up to four years in state prison following his felony conviction last month--the educator's attorney has vowed to appeal.

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