[UPDATED with 3-yr. Delay:] Diana Sue Snyder, Part of Trio That Robbed and Murdered Drug Dealer, Seeks Parole

UPDATE, AUG. 30, 8:04 A.M.: 52-year-old Diana Sue Snyder, who was convicted in 1992 for participating in the armed robbery and murder of a Santa Ana drug dealer, had her parole hearing continued until 2014.

"Prior to the hearing, Snyder conceded that her parole would be denied and stipulated to a 3-year continuance," reads a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office. The former prostitute is currently incarcerated at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 29, 1:13 P.M.: Orange County prosecutors today are arguing against the parole of a 52-year-old woman who participated in the 1987 armed robbery and murder of a Santa Ana drug dealer who fought off one attacker by hitting him in the head with a liquor bottle before being fatally shot.

Currently held at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, Diana Sue Snyder was convicted by a jury on May 19, 1992, of one felony count of murder with the use of a firearm and later sentenced to 26 years to life in state prison.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Jim Mendelson is scheduled to appear via video conference before the state parole board meeting at Chowchilla at 3 p.m. He will claim Snyder "continues to display a lack of rehabilitation and proves she cannot remain violence-free or follow rules even while incarcerated, in a structured environment, and with the knowledge that disciplinary action will hinder her ability to be free," reads a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA).

Shortly after midnight on Dec. 27, 1987, Snyder, Martin Eckert and Jerry Reis went to the Santa Ana apartment of Marin Morales to rob the 25-year-old drug dealer. Snyder first appeared at the door alone, telling the six men inside she would sex them up for drugs. Uh, no thanks, skank, they essentially told her. Then, one man with Snyder forced the apartment door open with his elbow and demanded drugs and money.

After the robbery trio entered, Morales managed to hit Eckert in the head with a liquor bottle. Eckert then shot Morales in the chest, killing him. The three then stole drugs, money and a VCR from the apartment before splitting. Snyder was arrested a few weeks later trying to turn tricks with an undercover Santa Ana Police officer.

Uh, no thanks, skank.

Snyder's long rap sheet dating back to 1979 includes convictions for prostitution, drug offenses, fraud and theft. She was on probation for her crimes 14 times before the murder bust. She admitted to having a significant substance abuse problem, with multiple drug-related convictions and being under the influence of heroin at the time of the murder. "Despite this, she has done virtually nothing in prison to address this issue," reads the OCDA statement.

It continues to claim that almost 20 years after participating in a violent, robbery-murder, Snyder has yet to gain insight into her crime. The OCDA's parole opposition letter states, "She incredulously denies any knowledge of the robbery and murder yet admits that her drug use was a factor in her involvement. There is no evidence that she accepts any responsibility whatsoever for the death of the victim."

As for being a model prisoner, Snyder has accumulated 11 major rules violations, the most recent in 2010, including theft by fraud, participating in illegal sexual acts, mutual combat, evading, disobeying orders, refusing to provide a urine sample, failure to report, possession of a cigarette lighter, possession of a lighter and money, and misuse of a prison copy machine. She has also accumulated 39 less-serious violations, including failing to report, failing to follow orders, refusal to work, smoking in unauthorized areas and other conduct violations.

"In all areas of concern in the determination of parole suitability, inmate Snyder comes up woefully short," reads the OCDA parole opposition letter.


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