[UPDATED: Will Goat Boy Replace Bin Laden As Top Fugitive?] Adam Gadahn, OC's Terrorist Goat Boy, Silent on Bin Laden

UPDATED, MAY 3, 12:21 P.M.: The Orange County Register is speculating Adam "Goat Boy" Gadahn may replace Osama bin Laden as America's top fugitive, noting the FBI has marked former most wanted man bin Laden as "deceased" and that Gadahn is currently ranked as No. 2 on that list. The article quotes an FBI spokeswoman as virtually denying Gadahn was one of the unidentified males slain with bin Laden, nor was he believed to be hiding anywhere near bin Laden, and that the U.S. government doesn't believe he has any "operational" involvement with al-Qaeda beyond making his inane videos.

ORIGINAL POST, May 2, 8:56 A.M.: It's still pretty early, but with yesterday's killing of Osama bin Laden, it's not too soon to wonder wherever in the world is OC's very own al-Qaeda spokeshole Adam Gadahn, and why haven't we found the lovable little psychopath yet?

That's assuming Gadahn, who grew up on a Riverside goat farm before moving to Orange County and converting from a Satan-worshiping metalhead into a radical Muslim, isn't already dead. There have been rumors of this before--and before that and even before that--making him one of the luckiest dead men walking on the planet.

Who knows, maybe he was one of the as-of-yet-unnamed men killed alongside bin Laden? More likely, though, Gadahn is hiding out in some other compound in Pakistan, but that's really anyone's guess.

For those who don't remember, after disappearing in Pakistan in the months leading up to 9/11, Gadahn surfaced during the summer of 2004 in videotapes released by al-Qaeda, wearing a kaffiya wrapped around his face.  Identifying himself as "Azzam the American," Gadahn predicted new terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that would rival the terrorist attacks in New York. He showed up on additional videotapes without the mask, delivering pseudo-sermons on the evils of Western democracy and the inevitability of U.S. defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan, thus paving the way for a puritanical paradise.

Gadahn hasn't been heard from since March 2010, when the AP erroneously reported he'd been captured in an anti-terrorism raid in Karachi.

Bin Laden's death really brings back memories, as do the above links, all of which involve the cat-and-mouse game to find him. But to know where the whole story starts for Goat Boy, here's a link to my  my feature story on Gadahn and his crazy pals in Anaheim, including Khalil Deek, who also disappeared in Pakistan before 9/11 and is also rumored to be dead.


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