[UPDATED:] Who Left German Shepherd to Die?

UPDATE: An arrest has been made (details below) . . .

When they catch whoever left three-year-old German Shepherd Courage to starve--an anonymous donor has put up $1,000 to find the dickwad--how about we tie him or her to a tree for five weeks, force feeding a diet of dirt and rocks and forbidding any water?

UPDATE: The Orange County Register reports Kimberly Nizato, 26, of Bellflower, has been arrested in he case. She is a part-time veterinary technician in Irvine.
All that's known is Courage was brought in to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County by a woman who did not want to go into who possibly did this to the dog.

He weighed only 37 pounds when he arrived, when a healthy male his age should be 75-80 pounds.

With the help of the volunteers and doctors at Community Veterinary Clinic in Garden Grove, Courage is making a slow recovery. He can't walk or hold his head up because he has no muscle, according to veterinarians, who found dirt and rocks in his intestines.

He has received blood transfusions, plasma transfusions, electrolyte and vitamin infusions, IVs and a variety of tests to determine organ functionality. The vets expect him to survive.

Now it's time to find who did this.


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