[UPDATED: They Did It!] Watch Out For Flying Balls! UCI Attempts Dodgeball World Record Today

See update at the end of this post!

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 26, 1:21 P.M.: At UC Irvine, nothing says back-to-school week like hundreds of brightly colored rubber balls flying at you at frightening speeds. This afternoon, the school will attempt to regain the Guinness world record for the largest dodgeball game. To do so, they're trying to recruit 7,000 players, all who are willing to duck, dive and dodge in the name of Anteater spirit. Zot-zot-*blow to the head.* 

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Last year's epic game. 
Last year's epic game. 
Michael Chin/OC Weekly

UCI has achieved the Guinness title for past two years. Last year, the school rallied 4,488 participants. Since then, the record has changed hands several times and is now held by the University of Alberta. Hopefully, not for long . . .   

Go 'Eaters! 

UPDATE, SEPT. 26, 10:41 A.M.: Orange County can hold its head up high. UC Irvine has once again broken the record for the biggest dodgeball game. Exactly 6,084 people participated in the epic match. There were more flying balls than--you fill in the blank. A Guinness official was present at the game. Here's a video from KABC:  


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