[UPDATED:] Orly Taitz in Danger of Disbarment?

[Updated 3:45 p.m., originally published 10:15 a.m. See end of post.]

Way back in spring of 2009, a lengthy document started circulating in the birther blogosphere, supposedly a formal complaint to the California Bar Association about the conduct of Laguna Niguel dentist/lawyer Orly Taitz.

Now, it looks like Dr. Taitz's well-used law license may finally be in trouble.

On Friday, she


published on her blog a

petition for a preliminary injunction


Taitz v. Obama

, the brand-new lawsuit she has filed in Washington D.C. In essence, she's demanding that the court force Obama to turn over all his records--from the long-form birth certificate, high school files, passport applications, etc.--by a specific deadline: Feb. 26. Why that day? Orly explains:

In Georgia Presiding judge Clay D. Land tried to intimidate Taitz and stop her from filing any more legal actions against Obama by threatening $10,000 sanctions if she files any more legal actions on behalf of members of the military against Obama. 

When Taitz  filed a motion for stay of deployment of her client Captain Connie Rhodes, pending re-consideration of her case, Judge Land has assessed $20,000 against her and has written a denigrating order. 

Order from Judge Land was forwarded to the CA bar and her answer is due by February 26. 

So that $20,000 sanction she got slapped with for filing frivolous lawsuits may cost... more than $20,000. It may cost her her ability to practice law.

And apparently, she believes that unearthing Obama's documents will reveal... something... about the president that will justify everything she's done--even though the State of Hawaii has publicly confirmed that he was born in America and is a natural-born citizen

If you've never actually read one of Taitz's lawsuits, this injunction request may be a good place to start. It lays out all the strange, disconnected theories she is pushing--and is marinated in a thicker coat of self-righteous paranoia than nearly anything she has put out before. Look:

There is a clear concerted effort to destroy her legal actions, undermine her law license and destroy her as a human being.


All Obama had to do, was take one minute of his time and sign a consent to unseal his vital records, yet he has chosen to continue to obfuscate all of his vital records and either orchestrate or at least stay idle, showing reckless disregard to mental anguish Taitz was subjected to, showing more then lack of civility, it showed totally depraved heart. 

What will Taitz do if she's disbarred? Our guess: Keep going, somehow.

Update, 3:45 p.m: A reader points out a heightened level of bizarreness with this latest "filing." First, it hasn't officially been docketed; we only know about it because Taitz posted it on her malware-ridden blog. She hasn't even been given any indication from the court that the case will go forward at all. Second, Taitz isn't merely asking the court to force Obama to turn over his records. She's asking the court to also make Hillary Clinton, the director of the Social Security Administration, and various other schools, hospitals, institutions to provide their records related to Obama. The only problem: These other parties aren't named as defendants or parties in her lawsuit.


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