UPDATED: Orly Taitz Continues Jihad Against Damon Dunn (And, Now, Us)
Damon Dunn campaign | John Gilhooley

UPDATED: Orly Taitz Continues Jihad Against Damon Dunn (And, Now, Us)

Originally posted at 5:12 p.m., June 30. Updated 9:07 a.m. July 1: Orly's mad at us! See bottom of post.

Irvine real-estate guy Damon Dunn beat Laguna Niguel dentist/birther lawyer Orly Taitz by a margin of roughly three-to-one in this month's primary election to determine the Republican candidate for Secretary of State. But though the election is finished, Taitz has persisted in insisting that Dunn is as ineligible for office as she thinks Barack Obama to be. She has taking her beef with Dunn to an Orange County courtroom.

As we've addressed in the past, Taitz's accusations against Dunn center around the fact that he registered more than 10 years ago as a Democrat in Florida. California election law says that you can't run in a party primary if you were a member of another party within a year of filing. She also alleges in her complaint that Dunn falsified the signatures of supporters and willfully omitted information about his past registration on official documents.

But Dunn's Florida registration expired in 2005, and Dunn's lawyers argue that even if it didn't, Dunn would be fine because of the way the law treats out-of-state parties. In their answer to Taitz's complaint--filed Monday--they characterized Taitz's accusations thusly:

...some spurious grounds and others merely incoherent and ill-pleaded, and, in any event,not within the scope of Elections Code section 1644

Tomorrow at 9 a.m., Orange County judge Geoffrey T. Glass will hear Taitz's emergency motion to put the kibosh on certifying the election results.

Below is the reply from Dunn's lawyers to Taitz's complaint.

Update 9:07 a.m.: So I wake up this morning to find that Orly Taitz was upset by this here very-mild blog post. She seems to think it was a rallying call for readers of our "ultra left yellow gazette" to harass her at the hearing taking place right this very moment:

I was not planning to make a big deal about the next hearing in my case against Dunn, however this Marxist scum from the ultra left yellow gazette OC weekly, Spencer Kornhaber, decided to mount yet another attack on me.

First he posted a picture, where I am unrecognizable, then he called my legitimate legal action against Dunn "a jihad' and announced to all of those Pro-Obama nutcases that the case will be heard for a motion hearing tomorrow in judge Jeffrey Glass courtroom in Santa Ana Superior court at 9am. He misrepresented the issues as always. it is no pleasure to see those brain dead Obama supporters, who support Dunn because he is a lifelong Democrat and calls Obama his political hero.

It is 9pm now,I don't know if anyone is still reading the blogs and would like to come to the courtroom, but if you do read it now and can come and show some support, please come tomorrow at 9 am, department 33, 700 civic center dr, Santa Ana

I didn't even really consider going to the hearing. We all know what's going to happen anyways: heartbreak for Orly. Hope she and her last-minute supporters held their own against our nutcase readers that likely swamped the courtroom.


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