[UPDATED:] Octomom Nadya Suleman Sells Her Panties, Blames Media for Making Her a Punch Line

UPDATE: The disappointing grand total is revealed on the next page . . .

Went to a yard sale in La Habra and a media circus broke out. That's not true on two counts: it's always a media circus at Octomom Nadya Suleman's Madonna Lane home, and I was not there. But photographer Christopher Victorio was.

All photos by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Welcome to the media circus.

See Victorio's ripping slide show:

Octomom Nadya Suleman Has a Yard Sale.

As you were previously warned, the self-confessed cash-poor single mother of 14, through the assistance of comedian (and rumored Octomom baby daddy) Tattoo, hawked autographed nursery bras, autographed pregnant panties, numerous autographed Octo toys and much more Saturday.

Tattoo, who has his own Internet radio show for Rick Dees, was all over the place, auctioning off select items and grilling up dogs and burgers for a buck each. He said the goal was to raise $100,000 $10,000, but there's been no report on the total haul.

UPDATE: Now there has been a report, via KTLA: $2,600.

Eight little devil Halloween costumes once worn by octuplets fetched $50, a refrigerator that once stored the octuplets' baby formula sold for $85, a Kobe Bryant jersey signed by Suleman brought in $125, visitors could have a photo snapped with Suleman for $10 and the octuplets would join mom in the picture for $100, reports the Orange County Register's Lou Ponsi and Lori Basheda.

The Reggies report about 150 lookiloos had taken a gander at the items for sale by 10:30 a.m., and that La Habra police had to close off her street to vehicle traffic less than an hour after the event started. No doubt many of those vehicles were media vans.

Among those who showed up was the man Suleman pays to live in the home. "For 25 days she's sitting there for free," Amer Haddadin told the Register in reference to the $4,060 September mortgage payment she hasn't yet given him.

A Radar Online videographer also turned out to capture Octomom vowing never to strip or do porn to raise money despite a $500,000 offer on the table from Vivid Entertainment. Suleman also blamed the target she has courted with turning her into a parody: "The media has turned me into somebody I wouldn't even want to know." The yard sale was "just a matter of survival: food, shelter and clothing. There are financial troubles."

Suppose that's the media's fault, too.


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