[UPDATED:] OC Fair Ice Sculpture Mishap: Real or Staged?

UPDATE: Eric Cunningham at Mediaite blows the frosty lid off this scandalous viral video, gets ice sculptor to fess up. Go here: http://www.mediaite.com/online/ice-sculptor-breaks-silence-on-shattered-cherubim-viral-video-scandal/

Someone at the Huffington Post thinks KOCE/Channel 50's Real Orange may be joshing us.

Something that seems to be tragic happens during an on-camera interview with an Orange County Fair ice sculptor.

Here's what the unnamed Huffingtonian wrote:

Found via Vulture comes this suspicious video from the OC Fair of a bumbling reporter effectively smashing eight hours of ice sculptor Roland Hernandez's life, leaving them to melt on the turkey-bone littered fairplex asphalt. Vulture astutely points out "The speed at which [the reporter] puts the mike back into the man's face, however, suggests premeditation". Do you think the video is real or a hoax?

I'd lean toward real only because Real Orange has never before displayed a sense of humor.


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