Robbing taxpayers with dubious PR work
Robbing taxpayers with dubious PR work

UPDATED: Matt Cunningham, Hypocrite, Slammed From Right

Original post from this morning: In his blog work over the years, Red County's Matt J. Cunningham tried to sell himself as an honorable and ideologically pure Orange County conservative.

The act was pathetic from the outset. Never more than a political hack, Cunningham had a priority mission: savage any real journalist who dared question his powerful pals like local GOP boss Scott Baugh

For example, point out a Baugh wart--like I did about Baugh's puzzlingly close relationship with Jeffrey Nielsen, the Orange County Republican activist and serial pedophile who targeted 7th and 8th grade boys for sex--and prepare for Cunningham--a political strategist by trade, to aim his bazooka crosshairs at your face. (See Nambla Fantasy, Oct. 6, 2005)

(It's also fascinating how Cunningham's Red County coverage of issues mirrored precisely the interests of Baugh's private lobbying clients such as Daystar or real estate developers.)

My colleague, Gustavo Arellano, did an incredible public service leading the charge to expose dirty OC priests and who then made it a priority to smear Arellano? You got it.

When he wasn't shamelessly spinning for the likes of Baugh or pedophile priests, Cunningham penned columns blasting liberals as hypocrites, liars and crooks who really stood for robbing taxpayers. Representative Loretta Sanchez, OC's lone Democrat in Congress, was often his target.

Then last year the Friends For Fullerton's Future (FFFF) blog exposed that Cunningham was billing taxpayers for questionable public relations work at the Children and Families Commission, which many conservatives believe is a socialist, boneheaded idea. FFFF appropriately stamped the "hypocrite" label on Cunningham's large forehead.

Cunningham has been exposed
Cunningham has been exposed

​Now, the national media is jumping on story. Tim Cavanaugh at the libertarian noted in an April 7 column that Cunningham--"a Republican flack"--is enriching himself off taxpayers at the failing public commission. Is it really worth $200 an hour for Cunningham to listen to John and Ken at KFI, read newspapers and leave pro-commision comments on blogs?

The scandal underscores that if you dangle a dollar in front of certain OC Republican bigwigs they will happily abandon their political principles to follow you to hell. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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