Repeat after me: Racist emails are actually pro-black.
Repeat after me: Racist emails are actually pro-black.

[UPDATED] Marilyn Davenport: Real Racists Are Democrats; Sees Chance to Use Her Racist Email to Win Black Votes For GOP

UPDATE, APRIL 22, 2:05 P.M.: The executive committee of the OC Republican Party voted today 10-2 to send the Marilyn Davenport matter to the ethics committee, says the's Jon Fleischman, a prominent local Republican who supported the motion. He identified the two "no" voters: Pat Shuff, a GOP activist in Fullerton, and the party's first vice chairman, Deborah Pauly, who caused a huge mess earlier this year when she made anti-Muslim statements in public. The ethics group will meet on Saturday.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 22, 10:54 A.M.: If Fullerton's Marilyn Davenport was hoping that her national notoriety would end so she could fade back into obscurity, she sure didn't show it this morning during a feisty appearance on KABC-AM 790's Larry Elder talk show.

Last Friday, Davenport--an elected member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee and a grandmother with Tea Party sympathies--sent fellow conservatives an email that depicted President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee and has given various explanations that have altered between unapologetic to "humbly" seeking forgiveness.

Yet during her KABC appearance this morning Davenport reiterated that she blames herself for igniting the scandal but went on to blame Democrats for having a "double standard" about racism and Republicans for not keeping her email a secret from the media.

Elder, a prominent black conservative talk radio host based in Los Angeles, got Davenport to agree that the "real racists" are Democrats and to credit Republicans for insisting on the nation's civil rights advancements.

"Take the initiative [and attack Democrats]," Elder encouraged her. "You've got nothing to lose."

He then told Davenport that if she goes "on the offensive" she can help "crack" the Democratic Party's "hold over blacks" during elections.

"Get people to start thinking of themselves as individuals," said Elder, who claims that Bill Clinton has made racist remarks and never apologized.

"Yes," she replied, noting that she agreed with everything the talk show host said.

Tim Whitacre, the fellow Orange County Republican Party official and former U.S. Marine who is aiding Davenport with the media, also appeared on the show, defended the email as a non-offensive joke, called Davenport "of sound mind and reason," and declared, "We are not going to let the [political] Left dictate this."

Whitacre called OC GOP chairman Scott Baugh "treacherous and traitorous" for giving OC Weekly an interview at the outset of the scandal and labeling the email as "dripping with racism."

Baugh has said that he had "no choice" but to strenuously denounce the email once I'd called him to comment on Davenport's actions.

But Whitacre said Baugh's position should have been, "Move on. Nothing to see here folks." 

Go HERE to see my new "Moxley Confidential" column on the scandal or go HERE to see my original, exclusive coverage of the email.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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