[UPDATED:] Local Emergency Declared in Soggy OC

Update, December 21, 10:59 a.m.:

The county just announced that as a result of the local emergency proclamation issued due to the weather, two emergency shelters will now be open 24/7. They are the National Guard armories at 612 E. Warner Ave., Santa Ana, and 400 S. Brookhurst Rd., Fullerton. County staff and contracted operator Mercy House run the shelters during the extended hours.

More about what the shelters offer after the jump . . .

The seasonal emergency shelter program provides up to 400 beds for homeless individuals along with a meal; warm shower and clothing; safe place to sleep; wide variety of supportive services; and a friendly atmosphere. In addition, families with children are redirected from the armories to more appropriate shelter and housing through the Mercy House Redirection Program.

Original Post, December 21, 9:30 a.m.: They say Californians are pussies. They say we wouldn't know foul weather from a foul ball. They say we forget how to drive once the roads get slick. Whatevs, Farmer John. All I know is, it's funked up outside. So funked up, in fact, that a local emergency for Orange County has been declared due to the weally, weally wet weather.

The proclamation announcement follows. Feel free to share your weathery nightmares in the comments to this post.

Proclamation of Local Emergency Issued
Due to Severe Winter Storms

(Santa Ana, CA) -- Orange County Board of Supervisors Chair Janet Nguyen has
issued a Proclamation of Local Emergency for the County of Orange due to the
severe winter storms currently affecting the county.

The proclamation cites existing conditions related to the storms that began on
December 18 as well as forecast weather conditions that may result in flooding,
debris flows, utility outages and damage from tidal surge.

"Proclaiming an emergency allows the County to request additional resources as needed to respond to changing conditions," said Donna Boston, the County's Emergency Manager.
"The County is actively managing response to any emergency incidents reported
and is coordinating its response with all cities in the county. Having the proclamation of local emergency in place widens the County's response capabilities during these storms."

The County has also received State approval to operate the two emergency shelter
locations on a 24/7 basis during this weather event, offering continuous shelter
opportunities for the homeless. The shelters are located in the National Guard
armories in Santa Ana at 612 E. Warner and in Fullerton at 400 S. Brookhurst.
County staff will assist with the shelter operations during these extended hours.

Orange County residents are encouraged to monitor weather conditions through Wednesday and give special attention to any weather watches or warnings issued for their area.


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