[UPDATED: Decision On Hold] Sunset Beach Residents Take Legal Action to Maintain Its Existence

Update, Jan. 20, 1:22 p.m.: Frederick P. Horn, an Orange County Superior Court judge, has put the annexation decision regarding Sunset Beach on hold.

According to KUOR 89.1's report, Horn placed an injunction on the decision until a lawsuit brought forward by the Citizen's Association of Sunset Beach has been heard in court.

Original Post, Jan. 3, 1:08 p.m.: Sunset Beach in North OC may not be Sunset Beach for much longer. It may be annexed to and swallowed whole by Huntington Beach. Sunsetians don't like this. So they're going to war--by way of the courtroom.

The Citizen's Association of Sunset Beach filed a writ of mandate, requesting a judge determine whether the move is legal. Sunset Beach residents believe it is not, and they're asking the bid be rejected or put to a vote in a public election.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors endorsed the move in a Nov. 23 vote. The benefit being that Sunset Beach combining with Huntington Beach will bring in nearly $624,000 in various tax dollars.

As part of the annexation, the city is requiring new residents to pay a Utility Users Tax.

The citizen's group says the move is in violation of Proposition 218, which requires a local government to hold a vote of affected property owners before a new tax be imposed.

In effect, the legal pursuits enables the Sunset Beach residents to, at least temporarily, stall the annexation.

Due to the legal posturing, the Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission is holding off until Jan. 19 before signing the land over to H.B.

Get your Sunset Beach memorabilia now--before it's all replaced with Surf City swag.


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