[UPDATED:] City of Orange to Spin Wheel of Hate, Consider Supporting Arizona and "Rule of Law" Status

UPDATE: The Orange City Council voted 4-0 Tuesday night to declare itself a "rue the law," I mean, "rule of law" city, and to support Arizona SB 1070 and to shit on cities that are opposed to it. So there!

It's getting so that it will be news if an Orange County city does vote to support Arizona's controversial immigration law nor declare itself a "rule of law" city, but the city of Orange is poised to be the first in our fair county to go for the two-fer--on the same night.

As the Orange County Register reports, the Orange City Council on Tuesday will consider two resolutions, one of which supports Arizona's SB 1070 and another to declare the town a rule of law city, a buzz term, of course, for "Mexicans get out."

That's the opposite of a "sanctuary city," where authorities ask the possibly undocumented, "Papers? You don't need no stinkin' papers."

Councilman Jon Dumitru tells the Reggie the symbolic, non-binding measures he is spewing out must be passed because illegal immigration has contributed to the city's budget deficit.

Way to deflect your own ineptitude there, Jonny!

His man-love-for-SB 1070 resolution goes further, calling out cities like Santa Ana and Los Angeles for denouncing Arizona and therefore contributing to the brown menace.

Dumitru just might have the votes, too.

In yer face, Costa Mexico!


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