[UPDATED:] Carly Fiorina, Cancer Survivor, Hospitalized

UPDATE: She'll apparently be back on the campaign trail tomorrow (see end of post) . . .

The Carly for California campaign issued a statement Wednesday morning indicating cancer survivor Carly Fiorina was hospitalized due to an infection tied to her past reconstructive breast surgery.

While Fiorina's campaigning is on hold, the statement after the jump says the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate expects to resume her schedule on the way to beating Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer on Nov. 2.

Carly learned more than a year and a half ago that she, like millions of women, had breast cancer. After successfully battling cancer, she had reconstructive surgery this summer and remains cancer free today. However, this morning Carly came down with an infection associated with the reconstructive surgery and, as a result, she was admitted to the hospital to receive antibiotics to treat this infection. While this will impact her campaign schedule today, Carly is upbeat and her doctors expect her to make a quick and full recovery and be back out on the campaign trail soon. Carly is looking forward to getting back to her full campaign schedule and to defeating Barbara Boxer on November 2.

Wednesday night's update:

Carly has received treatment for the infection related to the reconstructive surgery she underwent in July after her winning battle with breast cancer. The doctors tending to her care will observe her overnight and are taking every precaution to ensure that she can return to her busy campaign schedule. Carly is thankful for all of the prayers and encouragement she has received today from family, friends and supporters. She is anxious to get back on the campaign trail later this week and is very much looking forward to a victory on November 2.

Thursday afternoon update:

Since she was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning, Carly has been successfully treated for the infection she had as a result of reconstructive surgery following her victory over breast cancer. This morning, her doctors gave her the good news that she will be released from the hospital today and can resume her busy campaign schedule tomorrow. Carly is grateful for the outpouring of well wishes and prayers from so many Californians. She is excited to get back on the campaign trail and to move forward toward a triumph over Barbara Boxer next Tuesday.


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