[UPDATED] Baja-Centered Earthquake Rattles OC, SoCal

[UPDATED] Baja-Centered Earthquake Rattles OC, SoCal

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake (initially reported as 6.9)  hit Baja California at 3:40 today, with shaking and rolling felt throughout OC. Aftershocks have continued both in Mexico and Southern California, according to the United States Geological Service.

As the

Orange County Register



, the long-rolling quake led to rides being shut down at Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.

Thus far, no accounts of damage or injuries have been surfaced. How did it affect you? Swinging light fixtures? Barking dogs? Some dude down the street shouting "Earthquake!" ten seconds after it subsided? Let us know.

[Update 5:15 p.m.] Ensenada.net says no reports of damage, but some reports of interrupted phone service. Mexico City's La Jornada reports that authorities in Baja California have received reports of people trapped in elevators (without specifying which city).

[Update 5:38 p.m.] Comments from website of Mexico City daily El Universal: A Mexicali resident says power, including streetlights, were out as of a few minutes after 5 p.m., but that local phone service was still working. Another commenter in Ensenada exhorts, "In Ensenada we felt it very strongly but everything's fine there's no deaths or damage please stop scaring people!!! the phone lines are saturated!!!"

[Updated 5:47 p.m.] The head of Mexico's national electric utility tells El Universal that the city of Mexicali is without electrical service.

[Updated 5:52 p.m.] At least one picture of some moderate structural damage (a fallen facade) on the home page of La Cronica, the Mexicali daily. The page is loading slllloooowwwlly, thanks to the traffic spike.

[Updated 7:49 p.m.] El Universal reports that a section of the highway between Tijuana and Mexicali at the 80-kilometer mark collapsed, blocking traffic. Oddly enough, the D.F. paper links to a YouTube video of a pool slopping around, taken in ... wait for it ... Huntington Beach! Another funny comment from El Universal, and... I think something is lost in translation: "Ahora se van a juntar las artistas y haran una cancion para ayudar a mexicali.... nooooooo!!!!"


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