[UPDATE: Woman in Video Arrested For DUI] VIDEO: Huntington Beach Woman Runs Over Wheelchair To Youtube Stardom

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What would you do if you lived next door to a crazy lady who is constantly screaming obscenities and getting into altercations with people?

You might try calling the police and reporting the woman for disturbing the peace. Or you could move. Then there's the viral video approach. It goes like this: wait for the lady to act really, truly, magnificently nuts and then film the ensuing action with your cell-phone camera.

That seems to be the idea behind a video titled "Neighbors from hell. Huntington Beach, CA" which was published on Sept. 7 and already has 798,640 views as of this writing.

The video shows an overweight woman with a white truck yelling at an overweight man in one of those motorized scooters you see advertised on basic cable. The footage seems to have been taken from a second story window overlooking an alley. For some reason, the man is blocking the woman's way. She gets out of the car, scratching her head.

"Get the fuck goddamn right out of my fucking way," she screams, then slaps his back. "Get the fuck out of my way!"

When he refuses, the woman screams unintelligibly, manically slapping and even kicking the rear of her own truck before violently pushing the man over. As he lies in the alley, she gets back in her truck, and starts to back up, running over the man's scooter in the process, and nearly running over him.

"Don't you dare," the man observes just before the video ends. "You broke my fucking phone. I'm calling the police. You're going to jail."

According to a brief caption beneath the video, this isn't the first time the woman has acted completely nuts. "Common weekly occurrence with this insane neighbor," the caption states. "She throws things, beats her boyfriend, drives into stuff. All time day and night. When she backed up the first time in this video she hit my car."

Watch the video in all its glory here:

Update, Sept. 9, 11 a.m.: The woman seen attacking her boyfriend in the video has been identified as Laura Cox, age 47. According to a story in today's LA Times, police arrested her for driving while intoxicated (with meth) in connection with the video. The boyfriend, who didn't want his name published, apparently was blocking her truck to keep her from driving while under the influence. She was booked at the Huntington Beach city jail, despite the fact that the boyfriend evidently didn't want her to be charged.

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