Kobylt and Chiampou: Dumber and Dumb
Kobylt and Chiampou: Dumber and Dumb

[UPDATE: Was it a Hate Crime?] KFI's John and Ken Show Blame Horrific Beating at Dodgers Stadium on--Of Course--Mexican Culture

UPDATE, APRIL 7, 2011, 12:55 P.M.: Some troll at the bottom left the following remark:

If it were two white guys beating up a Mexican, Gustavo would be shitting himself with racist comments.

It reminded me that Kobylt--with no proof whatsoever, with no indication by law enforcement and no such stories emerging from witnesses so far---is already categorizing it as a hate crime because the victim was a white man and the perps were Latinos. It just might emerge that the victim was targeted for his race, in which case it


a hate crime and deserving of sentencing enhancements.

However, I seriously doubt it: All evidence points to those idiots targeting Stow because he was a Giants fan and only because he was a Giants fan--an act of colossal cowardice and stupidity, but not one fueled by race. It happens in sports, you know, regardless of ethnicity. Other stupid Dodgers fans have assaulted Latino Giants fans in the past--is that now a hate crime?

But that Kobylt is already screaming "hate crime" shows how stupid and truly bigoted he is. Did he categorize the takedown of Kansas City Royals coach Tom Gamboa by two white Chicago White Sox fans as a hate crime? Of course not, because it wasn't, nor have I ever heard anyone allege that race played any factor. Same with a 2007 incident when a Latino Angels fan threw a water bottle at then-Oakland A's player Mike Piazza. No one brought up race in speculating about the fan's motive, because there was no conversation to be had. Sports, unfortunately, attract boors of all races--but in the Kobylt world, only Mexican sports fans are capable of mayhem. Moron.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 7, 8:12 A.M..: Last week's horrific beating on Opening Day at Dodgers Stadium of a Santa Cruz father by two pendejos (which left Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, in a serious coma--our prayers to him and his family, and fuck the dipshits who attacked him) has disgusted the nation and was exploited immediately by KFI-AM 640's The John and Ken Show. See, for hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, that assault was the fault of Mexican immigration and the Dodgers' overtures to Latino fans in the past couple of years--never mind that nowadays nearly all baseball teams have always had promotion days for different groups and that the Dodgers have concentrated on the Latin American market since the 1950s.

But why bother JohnKen with the truth? Doesn't make for good ratings. Instead, yesterday at the top of their 6 p.m. radio segment, Kobyalt went on diatribe bigoted even by his own low standards. After correctly noting it was gang members ("psychopaths") who committed the crime, Kobyalt then made the leap that the Dodgers have been promoting to them for years with "Los Dodgers Day" celebrations (really? Where was the limited-edition "Lean Like a Cholo" jersey?). They interviewed KFI afternoon personality Bill Carroll, who was covering a vigil for Stow. Carroll told JohnKen that Stow's family was approached by a Dodgers fan--big, shaved head, with an "ugly dog," fitting the very profile that the beating suspects match--who promptly broke down in tears and begged the family to realize "this is not what [Dodgers fan] are like" and said he wished he was there to protect Stow.

JohnKen immediately moved on to the next question. A Mexican showing empathy for the victims? Doesn't make for good ratings. Nor do all those pesky Facebook status updates left by Mexican Dodgers fans expressing outrage, or the Dodgers fan who attended the vigil and spoke during KFI's news break with a prominent Eastlos accent. After the break, Kobylt simply forgot Carroll's anecdote and conflated "gang culture" with the amnesty movement, Mexican drug cartels, illegal immigration, the Reconquista, single mothers, and Special Order 40, saying Mexicans want to take back California, and "if they have to kill us along the way, they will."

"This all came from south of the border and infiltrated Los Angeles," Kobylt ranted.

Pathetic--and now, watch the same sentiment infiltrate the blog comments below. Wonder if JohnKen blamed the unprovoked beating of an umpire Kansas City Royals first-base coach at Comiskey Park whatever they call the Chicago White Sox's ballpark eight years ago on the rough-and-tumble culture of the South Side? Yeah, right...


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