[UPDATE: VIDEO PROOF] Was There a Police Plant at the Anaheim Protests Who Threw Bottles at Officers to Incite a Riot?

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ORIGINAL POST, JULY 27, 10:26 A.M.: Facebook is currently abuzz with members of Kelly's Army who were at the Anaheim protest on Tuesday alleging that they caught a police plant.

According to onlookers, a blonde woman was shouting pro-police slogans in front of City Hall, at one point flashing her wrist and showing off a tattoo that seemed to be a badge number. But an hour later, they claim the same woman was seen yelling anti-police slogans and throwing water bottles at the police.

Taken from my Facebook page...alleged undercover is at right, flashing ugly tattoo
Taken from my Facebook page...alleged undercover is at right, flashing ugly tattoo

Witnesses tell the Weekly she was parading in front of the police line outside of City Hall, saying "These are good cops. You don't know the hard work they do. They're getting rid of gangsters."

Afterward, though, onlookers claim she began throwing bottles later that night. Multiple people saw her, and there's apparently video of the same woman playing the part of anarchist.

No one at the scene knew who this woman was.

"Prior to our friend...exposing her as a cop in front of national cameras, she was inciting a group of Anaheim protesters by throwing a water bottle and chanting aggressive orders pretending to be a protester," someone wrote on Facebook. "Had others followed her lead, and had [members of Kelly's Army] not called her out and kept the peace, 20 cops in riot gear would have been unleashed on the crowd. She had her badge # tattooed on her wrist.. Not only is she a provocateur she has really shitty taste in tats."


If true, this wouldn't be the first time police were caught as plants trying to incite a riot. In 2006, a Garden Grove police officer admitted under oath during a deposition to masquerading as a protestor during a protest of Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist in Garden Grove.

If anyone has video of this woman, email me at garellano at ocweekly dot com. Thank you!

UPDATE, 11:49 A.M.: Brandon spoke to Marlena Carrillo of Kelly's Army. She says that the blonde woman told them that they didn't understand what the cops went through, and that they were so great.

"She was really obnoxious," Carrillo says, "so we told her to can it."

Eventually, the woman got into an argument with an older woman protesting against the police in the crowd and pushed her, "and the cops didn't move."

The crowd began chanting the woman away, and she left. Later, Kelly's Army left and were at a friend's house watching Livestream video of the protest, when they saw the same woman. "She was screaming at the police about how much she hates them and took a bottle of water and threw it into the police lines."

Carrillo says she called the police immediately after seeing this; so far, they haven't returned her calls.

UPDATE, 2:30 P.M.. We found video, of the woman both in her pro-cop and anti-cop phase!

Here's her pro-cop position:

And here is a screen grab of the woman yelling at the police.
UStream channel...
UStream channel...

Around 3:30, you start hearing a woman shouting "Who shot the women and children?" again and again. At 5:28, she starts getting more animated: "How sick it is. How sick it is! How dare you guys!"

Here's the video link, and the video itself. Start around the 4 minute mark...no shot of her throwing a water bottle, though, but the woman obviously loved playing the Occupy part.

Video streaming by Ustream

Who is the mystery woman?

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