Update: HB Kitty Safe and Sound!

Angela was restless and heartbroken as she listened to the desperate meowing of a stranded kitty in a tree, high above her apartment complex in Huntington Beach. It was going on day three and the kitty was still trapped in the wind and the rain - that's when Angela contacted OC Weekly and a blog post was put up looking for a Good Samaritan.

Because I'm a sentimental schmuck, with my pathetically large heart flopped over my sleeve on a pretty regular basis, I was deeply moved by the kitty crisis. It was time to act, so I brought along my Mother, a.k.a. The Cat Whisperer (unofficially, of course) and the proper kitty rescue tools, ie. animal carrier, flashlights and blankets.

Now, back in the day, there was nothing this tomboy couldn't climb, but as we arrived on the scene I felt discouraged - the tree was towering, imposing and completely unconquerable.


It was a community event, beautiful - everyone pulling together for a common good. We spent about forty five minutes making cooing noises and calling "here kitty kitty!" in the pouring rain- all to no avail. I also learned that this cat had a track record of entertaining this apartment complex - recently he had done the same thing (getting stuck in the very same tree!) as neighbors scrambled up the roof and tree with a complicated network of ropes and other home made rescuing devices. Maybe this kitty knew what he was doing!

Just as we had made up our minds that the cat had either met it's doom - or- it had decided to come down and was now curled up content next to a fireplace somewhere- the owners strolled up.

Little (that's his name) had decided he had grown tired of his big adventures and returned to his home around 3 p.m. today. Why, you Little sunnuva. . .

Glad you're OK, Little guy!


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