Unreal Estate

2 bed/1 bath built in 1922
107 E. Cubbon St.
761 sf
2,040 sf lot

This is what half a mil buys you in OC. But don't think of the two-tone color scheme on the one-car garage as a bad paint job: think of it as a trompe l'oeil, tricking your neighbors' eyes into believing you've got a two-car garage! The bright stucco walls on this Southwestern-inspired unit stand out amidst the drab palette of downtown Santa Ana. On the downside, that may attract unwanted attention, a danger in OC's highest robbery-rate city. On the plus side: you're just 4.8 miles from the Level I trauma center at the UCI Medical Center. That means quality is only minutes away—unless you need a liver or bone marrow transplant. But then, it's always a good idea to keep the organs you've got.


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