Anyone seen my knife?
Anyone seen my knife?

Unidentified 26-Year-Old Man, OC Homicide No. 10: Stabbed to Death at County's Best Taqueria

Anyone seen my knife?

Taqueria Tapatia may have been deemed by this very site "

the county's best taquería

," but the Santa Ana eatery earned a rep for something else early Saturday.

Being a murder site.

A 26-year-old man stabbed multiple times in the chest during a fight inside the taqueria at 202 S. Bristol St. succumbed to his injuries at 4 a.m., or roughly an hour later, at UCI Medical Center in Orange.

Photo by Jack Gould/OC Weekly
What Taqueria Tapatio should be known for.

He has yet to be identified pending the notification of relatives.

But police are saying this: the attack appears to be gang-related.

Witnesses told cops about 30 people were inside the restaurant when the fight broke out between an unknown number of individuals.

The reason for the fracas was also unclear.

Restaurant security discovered the bloody man after breaking up the fight.

No one else was injured.

No one else involved was still around when police arrived.

Someone must know something other than the fact they serve ripping tacos and burritos at Taqueria Tapatio.

If you saw anything, call Santa Ana police at 714.245.8400.

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