Unfrigerator [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Unfrigerator [Hey, You!]

You are a Santa Ana used-appliance store. I am the buyer of a reasonably priced refrigerator that looked way too good to be true. It was. Even though you insisted I call you should something go wrong, I had my regular repairman take a look when it started leaking water. He discovered a piece of cardboard where a metal water pan should have been. A couple of months later, he was back because the temperature kept fluctuating no matter what the setting read. He discovered that part of the fridge had been Mickey Moused. After coming back a third time in about a year, only to discover other innards that had been installed via meatball surgery, he confessed he feared coming back to see what kind of horror show was inside. The fridge continues to make weird noises, and it takes an ice pick to remove ice from the ice-maker bin. I recall admiring a new-looking stovetop while walking out of your shop, but Best Buy will get that business, monthly payments be damned.

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