Un-safe slumber party

Ever wonder what would happen if you locked an old woman in a bank safe? You have? Well then you're a sick individual. But lucky for you, Bank of America in Laguna Woods did lock a diabetic 73-year-old woman in a privacy room while she was checking her safe deposit box just yesterday. And what happened to her was kind of predictable; she passed out because she didn't have her medication.

Marian Prescher was trapped inside the small room for six hours before being found by a cleaning woman who quickly called the police and paramedics.

As the media swarmed it was revealed that the employees had simply forgotten Prescher was in there, closed her in the safe and went home at 6 p.m.

Bank of America says it is conducting an investigation. What's that smell? It smells surprisingly like some employee asses on the fire. Hmmm.

Anyway, Prescher was treated and released and she is doing fine now. "I just couldn't believe it, that they would leave me in there," she said. Poor thing.

More on the incident here.


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