Uh, Tiger, About That Congressional Gold Medal ...

Uh, Tiger, About That Congressional Gold Medal ...

U.S. Representative Joe Baca (D-Rialto) is dropping his effort to honor Tiger Woods with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Baca had proposed legislation in March that would single out the Cypress native's promotion of good sportsmanship and breaking down of barriers in golf.

Hmmm, wonder what could have happened between March and this week to prompt the I.E. Member of Congress to drop that legislation like a hot 9-iron?

Rep. Joe Baca (D-El Rancho Verde Golf Club)
Rep. Joe Baca (D-El Rancho Verde Golf Club)

Incidentally, Clockwork caught this on the LA Times' D.C. Now blog, which simply reprinted an Associated Press report, which acknowledged The Hill newspaper first reported Baca's ditch Tiger effort.

Please keep up!

Baca's official statement reveals why the congressman is doing what he is no longer doing for our once-local superstar. Baca explains he won't pursue legislation this session to give the greatest golfer on the planet the award "in light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family."

So, that must mean something happened recently involving Woods and/or his lovely wife Elin and/or their precious children! Better consult the Golf Channel to find out what's going on.

In the meantime, congressman, kiss that free golf weekend with Tiger goodbye!

And don't worry, linksters: Tiger's young. There's still a chance he can beat Newport Coast's Kobe Bryant to the highest award Congress has to honor civilians for achievements and contributions to society.

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