Reil purdy
Reil purdy

Ugly Mug Shot of the Day!

It's a shame that Robert Luis Reil likely won't ever get a chance to model for GQ.

In coming months, Reil--presently a 32-year-old resident of a luxury suite inside Orange County's Theo Lacy Jail--will be bused to a California prison, where he'll probably spend the rest of his life with other model citizens.

A jury today agreed with Senior Deputy District Attorney Larry Yellin that Reil--already a confirmed, unemployed, 6-foot and 250-pound member of a criminal street gang, petty thief, drug addict/dealer and burglar--is now also officially a murderer.

According to Yellin, Reil and three other hoodlums used a woman to lure drug dealer Bernal Ezquivel Felix to a residential street in Orange in January 2010, shot him dead and fled. It was Orange County's first murder of that year.

The jury convicted Reil of special circumstances murder in the commission of a robbery, street terrorism, possession of a concealed weapon and gang membership.

He already enjoyed three prior felony strikes against him.

Reil co-conspirator Christian Galindo, 26, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and got a 12-year prison sentence. The two other defendants--32-year-old Amour Villamar and 27-year-old Joseph Baez--face separate upcoming murder trials.

America's Next Top Model loses another contestant
America's Next Top Model loses another contestant

Superior Court Judge Daniel B. McNerney is scheduled to formally punish Reil on May 11. 

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