UCI, Long Beach St., Santa Ana College, and Cal Poly Pomona Go to Town at the CCMAs

UCI, Long Beach St., Santa Ana College, and Cal Poly Pomona Go to Town at the CCMAs

The kids over at UC Irvine's paper, the New University (where I was one of those kids until like a couple of weeks ago haha) took first place in the Special Issue category at the California College Media Association awards over the weekend. It's nice to see journalism's new guard putting in work and keeping print-media journalism on life support, if just for a little bit longer.

In total, Orange County-based schools took home a total of 22 awards: 8in the daily paper division, 4 in the weekly paper division and 10 in the non-weekly division.

Full Orange County results after the jump!

CSULB, Daily 49er. Div A -- Daily
1st Best News Photography Stefan Agregado
1st Best Sports Photography Stefan Agregado
1st Best Photo Series Stefan Agregado
2nd Best News-Page Design Cosette Macari
2nd Best News Photography Kyusung Gong
2nd Best Sports Column "Stop dreaming about football, focus on what you have"- Tracy McDannald
3rd Best Magazine Story Yoon Song

3rd Best Cartoon Robbie Eich  

UC Irvine, New University. Div B -- Weekly
1st Best Special Section "Budget Issue"
2nd Best Arts & Entertainment Criticism Amanda Robbins
2nd Best Sports Story "Athletics Scandal Revealed", Ian Massey

Cal Poly Pomona, The Poly Post. Div B -- Weekly
3rd Best Breaking News Story Greg Toumassian, Chris Bashaw

Santa Ana College, El Don. Div C -- Non-Weekly
1st Best Sports-Page Design Eric Lomeli
1st Best Breaking News Story Staff
1st Best Personal Opinion Column "Careless Whispers." Robert Wojtkiewicz
1st Best Arts & Entertainment Story Jason Truong
1st Best News-Page Design Amy Ellison
2nd Best Sports Story "Bat Regulations Stifle Offense", Shawn Ashe
2nd Best Infographic Shawn Ashe
3rd Best Sports Story "Swing it Like You Mean it", Eric Lomeli
3rd Best News-Page Design Robert Wojtkiewicz
3rd Best Features-Page Design Shavod Culberson

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