UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union Brings Back Anti-Jewish Imam

Malik Ali: Back for more heeb-hating...
Malik Ali: Back for more heeb-hating...

Here we go again: UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union holds its annual bash-Israel bash that veers into outright Jew-hating from time to time. We can argue the distinctions between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism until the return of the Mahdi, but the MSU can't play dumb on the latter charge when one of the invites listed for its "Israeli Apartheid Week" is the reprehensible Abdel Malik Ali.

As I wrote last year:

In addition to repeating his previous idiocies, Levin reports that Ali "also appeared to suggest that there was a wide range in the number of those killed in the Holocaust" and contended "that the newly proposed federal hate crime legislation, known as the Matthew Shepard Act (which is supported by the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee), was an AIPAC drafted conspiracy to imprison Muslims and others who criticized Jews and Israel or dared to critically discuss the Holocaust."

Malik Ali is scheduled to speak Thursday at noon near the flagpoles between the Barclay and the Langson Library. See you there!

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