UC Irvine Cosmologist to Co-Host National Geographic TV Special

In the vast mix of travel guides, the Milky Way always gets the shaft. What's new in the cosmos? What's the latest on those supermassive black holes? (Still dark, we presume.)

This Sunday, UC Irvine cosmologist James Bullock takes viewers to infinity and beyond (well, across 100,000 light-years, to be more precise) as he co-hosts the National Geographic Channel's television special, Inside the Milky Way. It's nerd-TV at its finest, featuring a 3-D state-of-the-art CGI model of the galaxy, a look at how stars emerge and die and a hunt for life way beyond our planet.

Bullock is a professor of physics & astronomy at UC Irvine and the director of the five-campus Southern California Center for Galaxy Evolution

Inside the Milky Way is scheduled to be shown at 9 p.m. PT/ET, but check your local listings.

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