UC Irvine Attempts to Reclaim Record for World's Largest Dodgeball Game

Get ready for some more flying balls.  

Last year, UC Irvine broke the Guinness World Record for largest dodgeball game, enlisting 1,745 participants for a day of utter mayhem. (See our slideshow of the event here!)  

Alas, their moment of glory was short-lived. The record has since changed hands several times and is now held by the United States Air Force Academy, which recruited 4,000 players in March.

But the Anteaters are coming back. As part of Welcome Week, UCI is going after the title again at 1 p.m. on Sept. 21 at Anteater Recreation Center Fields. The school is hoping to recruit 5,000 participants this time, so shake off those bad playground memories and suit up. 

Imagine this, only bigger.

Should be epic.


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