UC Irvine: A battlefield?
UC Irvine: A battlefield?

UC Irvine, A Campus of Hate, Bigotry and Intimidation?

In today's issue of the JewishJournal.com, Judea Pearl--an acclaimed UCLA professor and the father of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who was decapitated by nuts in Pakistan in 2002--has written "The Crucible of UC Irvine," which slams the Orange County university as a breeding ground for hate.

"UCI has long been a proving ground [nationally] for orchestrated Israel defamation," Pearl writes. "The combination of a large and highly motivated Muslim student organization, an affluent and supportive Muslim community, a non-confrontational university administration and a divided (what's new?) Jewish leadership has turned the UCI campus into a veritable petri dish to test the limits of hate, bigotry and intimidation."

Pearl calls on UCI "to reassess the way it tolerates the intolerant."

Read his editorial HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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