Inside the mind of Tyler SpanglerEXPAND
Inside the mind of Tyler Spangler
Courtesy of Tyler Spangler

Tyler Spangler and Ambsn Are Throwing an Art Party This Weekend in San Clemente

In the mood to do something beachy, yet unconventional this weekend? Tomorrow OC's new wave dada artist Tyler Spangler and Southern California lifestyle brand Ambsn are throwing a psychedelic, beach-rock art party in the heart of San Clemente. Held in a funky store on the northern side of El Camino Real, there will be a plethora of wild art for sale, 805 beer to drink and a '60s-style beachy-blues rock band to help make the experience anything but a typical art show.

Although a Huntington Beach native, Spangler hasn't hosted an art show in OC in years. Since 2014, his work has been in galleries in New York, San Francisco and Europe. He even designed the stage visuals for indie / trip-hop band Little Dragon on their last world tour. Finding inspiration from Sour Patch Kids candies, the Simpson's and surfing, Spangler's art drips with personality—and has gained him over 60 thousand followers on Instagram

Art parties make the best art shows.
Art parties make the best art shows.
Courtesy of Tyler Spangler

Perhaps the best part about his collaboration with Ambsn tomorrow is that Spangler knows how to throw a bash. Before devoting his life to art and his new family, he was the former operator of a DIY punk venue called a Place of Worship, where he successfully hosted 13 rowdy punk shows in three weeks before the cops shut him down. Although tomorrow's art party will be legal and significantly less wild, Spangler knows how to throw fun events. He's also selling some of his most beloved art, which means you'll have the chance to come up on one-of a-kind pieces. "The inside of my house looks so sad," laughs Spangler. "I've completely emptied it of all the art for this show— including my personal pieces. But everything will be for sale, so if I come home with nothing to hang on my walls, I'll be okay with that."

The Velvet Flower, a local band who sound like a mesh of early Van Morrison and the Beach Boys, will provide the live music for the evening . And according to Spangler, their sound will certainly add layers of vintage vibes to the mix. "The idea is to make [tomorrow] night a relaxed art experience," Spangler says. "We're hoping that the art, music, beer and laid-back environment provided by Ambsn will give everyone a mellow spot to kick back and enjoy good company."

If you're looking for an opportunty to get to know local artists, musicians and companies— tomorrow is your chance. The event starts at 7 pm and goes 'till 10:30 pm at the Ambsn store in San Clemente. "[Tomorrow]'s event is a get-to-know-the-artist kind of deal. It's also a great way for us to connect with the local community and give them a reason to celebrate art and aesthetics."

Ambsn San Clemente: 808 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

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