Trupia: How many boys in OC did he molest?
Trupia: How many boys in OC did he molest?

Two More OC Connections to the Vatican's Current Pedophile Scandal

First in a three-part series this week on Orange County's connections to the "current" pedophilia scandal plaguing the Vatican. Nothing too earth-shattering--just connecting some dots--because I'm saving the good stuff for the near future. I'm warning you, Brownie...

The latest "bombshell revelation"* to emerge from the mainstream media's sudden realization that the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal goes straight to the Vatican is that the Diocese of Tucson asked Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) to laicize one Robert Trupia, but Ratzinger delayed for a while. Indeed, then-Bishop Manuel Moreno pleaded with Ratzinger to expedite booting the pedophile Trupia from the Church.

So nice that two OC guys get to be involved in this shame!

Moreno was a native of Placentia and a graduate of Fullerton High and Junior College. Though people are trying to make the late Moreno out to be some sort of hero, let's not forget that he was

a pedo-protector as well


And Trupia? Spent quite a bit of time in Orange County during the 1980s, according to lawsuits filed against the pederast. Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown doesn't list him as one of his pedo-priests, but that's because Trupia pertained to the Tucson diocese when Brown quietly settled a civil case against Trupia early last decade. Heckuva job, Brownie!

*I use the quotes because all these stories are years old, and have been reported on by other, better writers over the years. It always cracks me up--actually, it saddens and sickens me--how the MSM is so weak in its coverage and treatment of the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal, and how they never acknowledge those of us in the pedo-priest salt mines...


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