Two Men Charged with Possessing Pounds of Ecstasy and Thousands of Steroids
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Two Men Charged with Possessing Pounds of Ecstasy and Thousands of Steroids

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you incredibly horny. 

But if jail time is in the cards for suspects Cody Horn, 29, of Yorba Linda and Troy Olson, 44, of Norco, it's the former pill they'll want to keister. Both  men face multiple charges related to a drug transaction involving a thousands of steroid pills and a two-pound package of Ecstasy. 

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A press release from the Orange County District Attorney's Office alleges that on August 29 Horn was observed by agents from the Department of Homeland SecurityU.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and La Habra Police picking up a two-pound package of ecstasy powder from a private shipping facility in Yorba Linda. He returned to the parking lot where his truck contained a bag brimming with 2,500 steroid pills. Soon after,  Olson pulled into the parking lot where Horn passed the roids through his passenger side window.

That's when the fuzz moved in.

Olson's trouble didn't stop there. Cops searched his home where they say they found 10,000 steroid dosages in both pill and vial form, as well as five firearms, three of which were loaded. No word on whether Olson was bulging with muscles. 

DA spokesperson Farrah Emami told the Weekly Horn was arraigned in court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty. He's free on $500,000 bail. Olson was arraigned August 31 and also pleaded not guilty, he's out on $50,000 bail. Both are scheduled for October pretrial appearances. If convicted, Horn faces a maximum of six years in state prison. Olson faces eight years in state prison.

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